First Post!!


This is Salome sin’s first blog!! Yay! This is my new blog, I already blog on my clothing website that I run with my business partner and sister Kate, our site is Call Girl check it out if you haven’t already!
I wanted to start my own personal blog so I can talk about all the things I love like Burlesque, fashion, Rock N’ Roll and myself. Haha. I’m gonna mostly talk about alt fashion though I reckon and other cool things I like…

This week I’m mostly worrying about/planning my up coming burlesque show at The North West Burlesque society this month. I’m planning a completely new act and I haven’t even got half the stuff I need yet! Eak! I think I can get a lot of it off ebay and around town so should be ok.
I’m also starting a new business out with my artist friend, we are gonna start a theatrical/Vintage inspired life drawing classes, we are gonna call it ‘Sketching Salome’ get it.. haha..
It’s Nyte Heat (80’s metal night) this Saturday too so I’m wondering what I can wear, I’m thinking Iron Maiden top and slashed jeans maybe… with heels. I’m obsessed with band tops and leggings have been for a while, I just think it’s the most cool/comfy look to go out to rock clubs in. I love the way Cat Von D dresses which is just like that too… although I wouldn’t wear leggings and a little top, not that daring. I saw a porn film you can get that’s a parody of LA ink, it’s called LA Pink I thought that was v funny….

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