Burlesque stress!

I had a total burlesque stress today when I realised that I would not be able to afford all the things I need for my show on 25th… It’s only 19 days away and I don’t have any spare money at all 😦 This is because I’m going down to London next Friday for the weekend. I’m playing roller derby with my team and I HAVE to go. I am also making the most of being in London by going seeing Salome the play by Oscar Wilde! I can’t wait! I’m so excited to see the play of my name sake.. I have read the play but it will be wonderful to see it. I love Oscar Wilde.

So yes I will not have the time to get my new act and costume sorted which is a real shame, but then again it will give me time to perfect it for other shows in the future. So I’m going to go back to my zombie nurse routine, but I want to rework it and change the song maybe, I think I can do better now so I just have to figure it out and decide what song.. The first song was ‘Living Dead Girl’ by Rob Zombie, I’m thinking maybe ‘Bodies’ by Drowning pool or something else by Rob Zombie… but what?! 19 days hmmmmm….Β  I am going to have to spend all day Saturday practicing!

Here is a pic of the after party the other time I did the Zombie nurse…

We wanted to party after but there were no pubs in Oldham open late so the party continued in my Mum’s garden as she slept…

Later on… Hahaha…

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