Sin, sin, sin…

Well another day another change of thoughts with regards to my act. I got rudely awoken this morning by a pigeon, this happens a lot at my flat, I live right in the centre of Chorlton and they wake me up every fucking day making weird moaning noises. I do not like. Anyway so I thought I would cheer myself up by listening to some music. I thought I would have a listen to some different songs for my act and after considering a few Alice Cooper tracks and listening to a couple of different Rob Zombie ones I figured that it would take to long to learn a new song. So yes in the end I have decided to stick with the original song I had, Living Dead Girl by Mr.Rob.Zombie! Arrrrr! I am now however gonna up my act by adding a new prop! I’m thinking severed limb! How will I get a severed limb I here you say? Well I’m thinking, rubber glove, some kinda sponge/padding, skin toan paint, fake blood and some kind of red meat, possibly liver?! hmmm, nice. grim?

Oooo, I also really love this nun outfit, I want/need it for an act I’m thinking of…

I would hope I look a bit better than this model in it. Music wise I’m thinking that Cake and sodomy by Marilyn Manson would go perfectly!

Well I think I’m defiantly gonna spend Saturday practicing my zombie Nurse routine, I will take and post some pics!

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