Skate day…

I have been in town all day today. Me and my sister Kate had to get some stuff for Call Girl and put posters up all over for our Roller Derby game against Stugart Valley Roller Girls on the 24th (day before my Burlesque show). We have to go roller derby practice in like half an hour, we are having a mixed scrim (game) with the girls from Liverpool Roller Birds tonight to get us ready for our game against the Steam Rollers (London Roller Girls) which is next week!! Which has sold out as it’s their championship game. Then Stugart the week after, we have never played 2 games so close together before. Hope I’m up to it! Ha Ha…

I managed to pick up a cool flower for my hair from the market for like £1.50. Yay!! And Kate got some cool 80’s clothes for Nyte Heat in the sale in New Look. Would post some pics but we have to go to roller derby practice like now…

Check out the poster for our game… go to for more info and tickets.

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