Black lips

I was just debating the idea of wearing my black lipstick tomorrow night to Nyte Heat. I’m thinking shiny leggings in electric blue, with my Iron Maiden top as it has a blue Eddie on it and black waist corset… Glam rock meets burlesque porn star or something?! I’m not sure! Anyway I just googled ‘Black Lipstick’ just to see what pics came up and I came across the lamest site ever! It’s called ‘Momlogic’ it’s like some up-tight ‘Mom’s’ opinions on fashion and other stuff it seems. So I have to share with you some of her opinions on stuff….

Mom on Black nails

‘Black nails look cute on a rock-star or when dressing up as a witch. But for the office or at home? Not so much.’

yeah Mom I love those cute rock stars with there black nails too! But please god not in the home!!

Mom on Black Lips

‘Black lipstick belongs on the runway only. Period. Imagine going to parent-teacher night with this look?’

obviously noone has told Mom life is a catwalk.

Mom on Liquid Leggings

The name of this trend says it all: liquid leggings. It’s like–huh? Not unless you’ve decided to go Goth or he’s into that kind of thing in the bedroom..

cause he’s in to that kinda thing in the bedroom? Arn’t you Mom? Oh and she’s slaged my whole outfit off now! Good job she’s stuck in some kitchen somewhere in the Mid-West and probably won’t bump in to me tomorrow night. I don’t think she would approve if she did. I may have to wear the black lippy now!! Fuck you MOM!!!

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  1. Kamila says:

    What is this website? I want to find out what Mom thinks of blue nails with a white dress and pink hair (my outfit for tonight). She’d probably disapprove of this also.

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