Nyte Heet

I had a really fun time at Nyte Heet last night, the music is so good, didn’t stop dancing! It’s really good they play all my fave bands! There were some guys who were dressed well cool too, i took a pic to put up here they are….

They totally have the glam metal look down, they looked better than me! They obviously like Motley Crue as much as me too! I was dressed very similar last time I went Nyte Heet, check the pic of me and Kate last time, must have been may I think…

I had my Motley top on that night and snake skin leggings and my white cowboy boots. I left my white cowboy boots in London last time I went and I thought I had lost them forever but I’m lucky (with shoes not men) and I’m getting them back next Sat when I’ll be in London again. Yay!! That means I can go all glam for the next Nyte Heet!! I’m gonna go every month it’s such fun!

Nyte Heet is on at Retro Bar in Manchester every 2nd sat of the month here is the link to there facebook group….


Oh and I didn’t go for the black lipstick in the end, the one I’ve got is a really shit one, Miss.Sporty I think. I need to invest in a decent one to pull it off I think!

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