I hate Mondays sometimes, I really had one of those Mondays today…. I was dead tired all day, I didn’t even wear make-up or do my hair to go to the studio this morning and then my sewing machine broke and I have people waiting for dresses! managed to order the part that broke but that’s gonna put me back a day or two… Bloody Monday!!

Well I was wondering how to make my severed arm for my zombie routine and I thought I would just see if they have them on eBay. They did. I love eBay they sell everything ever. So I bought this baby…

It probably wouldn’t look as good if I had made it out of a washing up glove or whatever. I’m gonna have to cut a hole in the back to put the meat and blood in that I’m gonna pretend to eat, it’s gonna make me sick pretending to eat raw liver or whatever as I was veggie for 14 years so I’m a bit funny about meat still…. I have been eating it for like a year though now!

Oooo I also saw some cool kitchen stuff on a website called ‘What the Rock’ check em out… Drumstick wooden spoons and guitar spatulas.. Well cool! I want stuff like this when I grow up!

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