Salome and Steam Rollers…

So here’s the blog about London!!

So I went to the play of Salome on the Friday night and it wasn’t what I was expecting at all! It’s set in Biblical times but the play was really modern. It was a bit porno, Salome kept touching herself (if you know what I mean) and the King was a bit mental! He kept coming on to the male guards and seamed like he had just took a line of coke, a big line. It was still good though for what it was but I expected it to be classy and decadent, not gritty and ultra modern. I was really looking forward to Salome doing the dance of The Seven veils but when Salome did her striptease she did a dance you would expect from a cheep stripper in a backstreet lap dance club. Yeah so I thought it was good in a weird way but it did not do Oscar Wildes play justice!! It did give me the idea to poor blood from a severed head on my self in my zombie burlesque show though! Need a fake head now before Sunday. I have found a recipe on wicki how on how to make fake blood so that’s good!

So for the Derby Game! We played The Steam Rollers, an London Roller Girls team. The game wasn’t till 4pm but we didn’t do much before the game apart from get ready and get all our stuff to the venue. I hadn’t really been nervous but I got nervous when I got to the venue. When the game started the Steam Rollers quickly took the lead, they were hitting us hard and our nerves got the better of us to be honest and we didn’t do great. At half time I think the score was like 30 to 100.. We had a little chat in the break and when we went back on we sorted it out and played really well. The score at the end was 96-181. So we totally didn’t win but I’m glad we can be proud of how we played! well in the second half… haha… Was just good to play against such a good team. We will be that good one day.. Then we got to watch the Suffra Jets win the Ultraviolent Femmes so they won the championship. The after party was cool to, had fun and then went to an after party after party, which involved wandering around London for ages and drinking cider at a bus stop but was worth it when we got there. We didn’t get back to the hostel till 6am and we had to get up at 9.30 was not fun!!! Felt quite ill in the car on the way home!

Here are some pics of the fun…

Bus stop fun…

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