Fake Blood!!!!!!!

Today I made fake blood! All you need is syrup, red and blue food colour and hot water. He it is..

Then I took the blood and made little ‘blood pouches’  like so….

They look cool don’t they! haha, then I inserted them in to my severed arm and head….I had cut holes for this!

Yeah so I think I’ve sorted my routine for sunday! I do my zombie nurse thing and pretend to take a bit of the arm and blood goes in my mouth and down my neck and chest (hahahah) and at the end I pull the brains out of the head and squeeze them in my mouth too. I’m a zombie and I wanna eat brains!!! YUM! Oh and the fake blood is fucking rank! So pretending to be enjoying it is a bit hard!! I’m sure I can pull it off though!!!

I also made a dress for a Call Girl order today and I made my outfit for the big game tomorrow! Yeah it’s actually Wack’em tomorrow…. Rainy City Vs Stugartt valley roller Girls!! I really hope we win! We are all hungry for a win after we lost last week, although we played well (in the 2nd half anyway!) Yeah so get down to Bury to watch!for more info check our website at http://www.rcrg.co.uk… Yeah so I have been quight busy today, I’m gonna get to bed soon so I’m all good for the game tomorrow!

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