We won!!! (but I’m dizzy)

My derby team Rainy City won stugartt Valley Roller Girls on Saturday!! 131 to 77!! Woo Hoo!!! was really good to win and the party after was really good!! have a look…

before the game…

Just after the game….

after party!!!

So of cause the after party descended into total mayhem! I didn’t get to be till like 8am and I wasn’t ment to drink…

hmmm, so I did get up and get ready for the NWBS meet and to do my show (belive it or not) I got all my stuff ready and even got my fake blood in to little bags and Tupperware. I left my house and as I was sat on the bus I realised I had forgot my Rob Zombie CD! I figured I didn’t have time to go back as I would be late for the ‘brand your burlesque persona’ workshop I had booked on to so I figured I could just plug-in my iphone. i could not plug-in my iphone, so I couldn’t do it… Yeah I feel really silly and it was obviously cause I was at the derby after party till 8am! Conflicting hobbies I think! I’m on at the NWBS at the end of Sept now…. will get it right that time!!! Oh but I might try video my act on Sat then post it up here, as I have everything ready now…

So on a happier note the Rock and Metal Burlesque night I’m putting on with whiskey Raven and Jim from Nyte Heet is actually happening!!! The date is Saturday 18th Sept at The Attic, just off Oxford rd, near GC and The Salisbury ideal for a Rock night! I’m so excited and trying quight hard to sort everything out!! Check out the poster my tattoist Dawnii @ painted Lady Tattoo did for us,

It’s me and Whiskey Raven! Cool huh? I LOVE it! Find us on facebook and add us our page is just called ‘Raven Sin’.

So a lot more info to follow in my blog about this! Oh and if any dancers are out there that dance to rock/metal then get in touch at salome_sin@hotmail.co.uk would love to hear from exciting acts!!

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