Who is Raven Sin?!!

So Raven Sin is me -Salome Sin, Whiskey Raven and Jim NYTE HEET. Me and Whiskey got together after meeting studying the art of Burlesque under Bella Besame. Soon after meeting we realised we had a mutual love for stripping, P.V.C, Jack Daniels, Rock N’ Metal, Spartan looking men and Corsets! We soon realised that there are no nights in Manchester specialising in Burlesque for a Rock N’ Metal crowd, we both wanted to start a club night so this is how Raven Sin was born. Oh and the name is (obviously) made up of both our last names! hehe. So we had the idea but what about a DJ, Venue and promo? We needed help off someone who has more experience. After considering a few different rock nights around Manchester we decided to message NYTE HEET, thankfully Jim thought we had a good idea! After a meet in The Salisbury everything moved forward and within a week or 2 we had secured a Saturday night at The Attic! A weekend at a central location was a dream come true! I then got my tattooist to design the logo and we are now sorting out the other dancers, promo, and for me and Whiskey (not Jim) our routines! The music on the night with be provided by Jim, everything from Classic rock to cutting edge metal. This will be a wild night of Rock N’ Roll, not to be missed. Raven Sin is the place to be if you are in to Burlesque but prefer to see girls do creative routines to Rock and Metal rather than traditional 50’s or big band music. Me, Whiskey and all the other girls involved do routines to Rock because that’s what we are in to! No fakes here! On our opening night on 18th Sept Expect to see routines to Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Metallica, Hollywood undead, Rob Zombie, System of a Down and much more!!!  And for a very reasonable entrance fee! This certainly isn’t your usual Burlesque night!

Here are some pics, from top to bottom, me- Salome Sin, my partner in crime -Whiskey Raven and Cerise La Fleur, our first confirmed guest performer!

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