I like it when things go well…

So Raven Sin is all coming together nicely, we now have another confirmed act, Duke Wayward he will be swallowing swords and stapling stuff to his arms!! How cool!! Here he is..

We are getting excited now and hope to have flyers in the next week. We have one more act to confirm which should be done by the end of Tuesday then the line up will be sorted!

In my normal life I’m going on my first hen night ever on Saturday night, should be good. We get to wear a sash, will be sure to post a pic 😉

I’m also 28 a week today! I’m gonna go Alton Towers then drinks at home and to the Ritz rock night, I didn’t have a very good birthday last year, in fact it was the worst one I have ever had! So I’m planning to make up for it this year!!

I’m doing a show (as I think I’ve said) in Liverpool on 23rd, I’m doing 2 acts now so I will be doing my new Roller Derby act and my reworked Zombie nurse one. I really need to practice the skating strip!!

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