So I’m 28 now, had a good birthday weekend, went to Hard Rock cafe for lunch and cocktails on Friday (actual b day) then in the night we went to The Salisbury then GC and Satins! Kinda thing I do a lot but I had a really good time partying with my fave Rock n’ Roll lady’s! Then on the Saturday I went to Nyte Heet at Retro, then on Sunday I ate pizza!! haha… here’s some pics…

So that’s my b day over for another year! Now to look forward to moving house and the launch of Raven Sin!! I can’t wait to live in town, my new flat is right in the center, I have never lived in town before so I’m excited about that! I have thought of a new routine for RS, my Whiskey in the jar costume I wanted was a little expensive so I had to re think as August has been an expensive month. so now I’m doing a Japanese school girl routine, haha, to Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry. I got these shoes off ebay last night….

I’m gonna go for a Harijuku look which these shoes are ideal for! Will need to make sure I practice dancing in them a lot as they are high!

I have a show in Liverpool on Monday, it’s a MOJO in Liverpool and I’m doing my new Roller Derby routine and my zombie nurse routine, should be fun. It’s a fundraiser for the Liverpool roller Birds, they are all dead nice and I’ll get to meet lot’s of new performers which will be cool. It’s also my good mate Cat’s wedding on Sat so I am a very very busy girl at the mo!!

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