So I use to write a zine called ‘Call Girl’ for my clothing label ‘Call Girl Clothing’ see what I did?! haha. So I’m gonna do that here on my blog, save on printing costs and my articles and zines will get read by a lot more people from all over the U.K, even the world…. Maybe.

So the CG zine was very old school, me and my sis did interviews and whatever then typed it all up on word then actually printed it and then cut and glued the whole thing together! look how cute it was…

So I’m gonna start it all up again on here! I really miss interviewing people and writing about stuff! So I’m just gonna do it again but probably with less coke babble and Ska music this time. I would quight like to interview Joanna Angel, the porn star, might email her now and ask! haha… yeah so the reincarnation of my feminist, punk, metal, fashion, burlesque zine will happen here!

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