More fake blood!!!

Today I went to town and got some last min stuff for my Burlesque show on Monday, I will be at my friends wedding all weekend so today was the only time I had. I also made some roller skate pasties for for roller derby routine, oh and I made up my roller derby routine! haha! Went OK was interesting stripping in skates but I reckon it will be alright kinda wish I had more time to practice, guess I can do a bit before I go on Monday…. here are the skate pasties…

I think they not bad as I have never made any before! I also practiced my zombie nurse routine with all the fake blood, I even made a fake brain to put in my zombie head.. I managed to get blood all over my room, haha, here are some pics of the chaos…

Home made zombie brain, also not bad for a first attempt I think!….

My floor after…

My wall after…

At least my new i panda was ok! (and yeah I cut my own hair).

Oh and my blog is now part of the Vice mag blog network, I LOVE Vice mag so this makes me very happy, check out the logo at the left hand side of my page…

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