Vivid Angel interview

Here is an interview I did with performer Vivid Angel from late last year-

Bizarre magazine call her the Queen of Alternative Performance and the ultimate showgirl. When the Call Girls went to check out London tattoo convention 09 we saw her wonderfully enchanting burlesque performance. On stage in Vince Ray’s Voodoo Lounge we saw her pierce herself and dance on broken glass all to ‘Cabaret’. Here the angel herself tells us how she got started and all about her wonderful world of burlesque…

Call Girl- Hi Vivid Angel, So lets start at the beginning, what inspired you to become an avant-guard performer? Is this what you dreamed of doing as a little girl?

V.A: When I was a very small child my mom told me about  Dutch Exotic dancer Mata Hari and that we were born in the same city. That was the moment that I got fascinated with the avant-guard performance art, I was always doing shows for my dolls and teddy bears in the living room, at 6 years old I did my first show which was a dance piece and everybody loved it already then (think that began my addiction to the stage).

Call Girl- Can you tell our readers what exciting and wonderful things they could expect to see you doing onstage?

V.A; I am known for being very versatile with my show work and that’s why you always see me doing lots of different performance pieces. From lovely Burlesque show, Fun Vaudeville/ Cabaret show to my more Bizarre and Fetish Freak Shows. So it depends on who I get to work for, is what you get to see from Vivid Angel.

Call Girl- How much training did you need to be able to perform these stunts and how did you learn?!

V.A; I never had any classes in performance art or any thing like that. But I got hints and tips through the years off fellow performers which helped and some of the stunts are also self taught. The Freak show stunts that I do are very dangerous, and even after 7 years of doing these shows there is always a chance that you get badly hurt.  Which happened to me the other day, cut my foot real bad on the broken glass stunt.

Call Girl- What do you think of the growing burlesque scene in the UK at the moment?

V.A; I think it’s always great when an old art-form makes a come back and there are some truly wonderful performers in the UK Burlesques scene that make a real effort with the right costumes, music and props to bring you back to that glamour age. But I got to say, that I also got to see a lot of Burlesque performers that are just not ready for the stage yet. It’s better for the Burlesque industry that it keeps it to a high standard so it will stay around for a long time to come.

Call Girl- what have been your highlights of this year and what do you have planned for next year?

V.A; the highlight of this year is my bond with Bizarre Magazine; they just have been so good to me this year. Doing the Bizarre Ball for the second time and getting two features from them where they quoted me as (The Vivid Angel is the Queen of Alternative Performance art and the Ultimate Showgirl!)

For next year I want to do a best of Vivid Angels and Friends theatre show that I would like to get through the UK and Europe. So keep your eyes open and come down to the show!

Call Girl- How do you feel about the term ‘Freak Show’ being applied to artists such as yourself?

V.A: When you go back to the 1900’s carnival days the Freaks were people that had real disabilities or abnormalities. (Look at the movie Freaks by Tod Browning.) And the people that did the stunts were called Working acts then.

I am not sure when we got the term Freak Show artist labelled on to the working act, but I don’t mind to be called a Freak. There were some truly amazing freaks in our history and if that makes me one of them, well that’s great to me.

Call Girl- Which other artists do you admire?

V.A: Artist that I admire are mostly dead by now, as in Mata Hari, Sarah Bernhardt (1900’s french actress) and Hollywood’s Golden age actress’s.

But I love the work of my fellow performers and they have inspired me through the years. Always loved Crazy White Sean, Lucifire, Empress Stah, Dita Von Teese and on the new artists its Bavoo and Missy, Vicky Butterfly and Syban.

Call Girl- What music do you enjoy listening to? (very jealous of your pic with Nikki Sixx on your myspace!)

V.A: I listen to all sorts of music depending on my mood, so it can go from Swing, Jazz, Pop, Hip hop, R&B, Rock and Metal bands. In the years I’ve got to know a lot of Metal Bands as in Korn, Slipknot, Mastodon, Gwar and SOAD. The Metal world is my second home and I love being apart of that world.

Call Girl- What advice would you give to anyone wanting to become an alternative star/starlet?

V.A: Do your research of what you want to be or want to do, so then you truly know that what you’re doing is your style and concept. Take your time to become good with your show, before you reveal your show on stage. You only get one chance to make a great impression! Strive to be original and inventive with your performances, see what other artists do so you won’t end up doing the same shows. There is nothing worse than being told off for ripping some ones show work off, it never has happened to me. But I have seen more then enough of it and it’s never a pretty sight when it happens. You only stay in the industry for a long time, when you are all the thing’s I just mentioned.

Call Girl- Finally is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

That I hope you enjoyed this interview and to keep an eye out for me when I am in your Town! Thanks, Vivid Angel.

Call Girl- check out Vivid Angel on the net at or

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