Liverpool show

So I did a show in Liverpool on Monday. It all went quite well, I was quight nervous about doing the roller derby strip as it was very hard to practice at my house and i had only made it up on the Friday. The crowd LOVED it though as they all play derby, so all was good. I’m not sure how much I’ll end up doing that routine in future though as it would only really work with a derby crowd, most people would be like ‘what the fuck is she doing’ if they were watching that one! hehe… I did my zombie strip to and that went well with all the fake blood! It made a total mess on the floor though and they had to mop up before the next girl could go on! haha. After the show I got really drunk as it was open bar for dancers and then I stayed at a girl called Stef’s house and she had a stripper pole so we were playing on the pole, I now have big buses on my thighs! Nice. I’m def gonna get a pole when I move, I have wanted one for about 2 years so it’s about time. Whiskey (my future roomie) wants one too and our living room is big enough so it’s gonna happen! So yeah on Tue morning I woke up way hung over and missed my coach, I then went to the coach stop and had to wait like ages 😦 it was awful, I hate coaches! I finally got home though but I’m still tired today, been so busy this month it’s been crazy!!!!!!!!

Oh and Joanna Angel said I can interview her so I spent all last night doing ‘research’ haha. Might do some more tonight…

Have to sew all day tomorrow then got Roller Derby practice… Then sewing all day friday too but then my best mates coming over and we are gonna get Yackisoba as I’m moving from Chorlton and won’t be able to get it as ofen soon. I guess what I’m gonna be eating on Friday night is probably not blog worthy so I’ll just shut up, I always type random stuff when I’m tired, haha. Can’t wait to get picks from Monday so I can put them up here!!!!

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