Katrina Darling interview…

This interview is from last year but if you didn’t pick up my zine in real life it’s new……

Katrina Darling is an amazing pin-up girl and burlesque dancer, we did a photoshoot with her back in Sept 09, here we find out a little more about her….

Call Girl- So how did you get in to modelling? Was it your childhood dream?

It’s a bit of a short story really! I started out performing Burlesque two weeks after my 18th birthday! And decided it best to get some promo shots done. After receiving the images back from my first shoot I was shocked to see how well they came out. The photographer was impressed with how it went too and suggested I try out the modelling stuff to as I seemed to take to it like a duck to water. 9 months later and I’ve found myself working with the most fabulous people (including Call Girl Clothing!), working at big trade shows like London Edge and appearing in magazines such as Bizarre, Max Power, FRONT, More Mag, Alt Fashion and many others! I think I’ve had a bit too much of a good luck streak! I just hope it doesnt run out, however 2010 is looking really good for me with performances, shoots and TV appearances!

Call Girl- What has been your most enjoyable shoot so far? (Apart from Call Girl of cause!)

Aw I had so much fun shooting with you guys and Vix Tuff! Honestly every shoot is different and I learn something new every time I work. Which is great as everyone has different working styles and you can bounce different ideas off different people. There is one shoot that does stand out though. It was on a lovely winters day in Durham with Katherine Steele. We hired a row boat on the river the theme being ‘the swan’, I must say balancing on one foot in 6 inch platforms in a boat does take some skill. We only used natural light and the images came out so stunning and soft. The giggles were contagious that day as we got a few ‘joe public’ watching in their boats.

Call Girl- So you also perform burlesque, can you tell us what kind of acts you like to do?

Yes I do! I usually work a lot of corporate events overall so a lot of my acts are tailored to suit events and range from classic strip, fans, balloon pop and things for a wider audience. My style however cute and cheese cake I may look is a little raunchier. My main three acts I love to perform are: God Save the Queen which is a rock n roll twist on the monarchy with swords and cannons! Curves and Cake, a Magic tease with Comedy, Curves and Cake! and the most recent is a saucy fav of mine incorporating a balloon pop, fan dace and fire in one!

Call Girl- What do you think off the current U.K pin up/burlesque scene?

I love it it has truly exploded since I have been on the scene, obviously with me only being 19 I’m still such a fresh face it’s great! The UK has some amazing girls and guys who could easily rival the likes of the US’s Sabina Kelley and Bernie Dexter!  Although they are some of the hottest and most glam girls I have seen.
Call Girl- What are your plans for 2010?

World Domination!  hehe. I’d just really like to stay on this high and hopefully move on to developing bigger and better acts, travel the US and really push myself and mix things up a bit in my modelling career!
Call Girl- what would be your dream shoot?
Hot men EVERYWHERE! My in Swarovski encrusted sky scraper heels with seams and the most decadent lingerie you could imagine! What girl wouldn’t want that? Any time I get a little gray cloud over my head buying beautiful lingerie and shoes makes it all better!
Call Girl- finally, anything you would like to say to our readers?
Thank you for reading and keep visiting Call Girl Clothing as the girls make such an effort and a lot of love goes in to each garment.
Also, if you want to do something… just go and do it. I wouldn’t be where I am today and meeting such wonderful people and doing amazing things if I sat at home whining all day! Have a bit of spontaneity and motivation and go out have fun!

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