Moved house and now I wanna be Larry Flint.

Yeah so I’ve moved in to my new house now! I love it it’s really cool and posh, being on the 17th floor is also really ace, I LOVE the view!!! Will have to get some pics to post…

Also I have had a brain wave, I wanna start my zine again but a bigger and better vershion. More magazine like, with Alt Girls and interviews, music and Burlesque!! Maybe even in colour…

I came up with this cause I was reading Bizarre mag last night and I was disappointed with the selection of girls who made it through to the final of there model comp, most of them look like the girls in the Sun or Daily Star but with a few tats. Personally I think alt models should push the boundarys of traditional model standards I think the term ‘Alt Model’ has lost all meaning and creditability. I would like to do something about this and as I wanted to reincarnate my zine anyway I now think I should combine the two and make an Alt girl mag!!

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