Raven Sin Review and pics!

I have had a crazy busy week this week, dresses to make and tattoos to be done and recovering from Raven Sin at the same time! The night was so good in the end, can’t wait for the next one… Turns out other people actually liked it to, check out this review by Manchester Rocks-

Raven Sin @ The Attic, 18/09/2010 Intrigued by the sound of a ‘rock and metal burlesque night’, and open to trying out new rock nights since the demise of Jilly’s, I went down to The Attic on Saturday night to try Raven Sin on for size. I wandered in to be surrounded by a mix of metalheads and ladies dressed in their 50s finery. Proceedings kicked off with the mesmerising RockIt! Belly Dancers who shimmied and rocked their way through classics from the likes of Soundgarden and Clutch. The girls have a unique style of dancing and really captivated the crowd. Next came Cerise LaFleur, who strutted and teased the appreciative crowd, and later on showed off her bellydancing talents. Duke Wayward offered something a bit different for the night with his burlesque act with a twist. We were treated to sword swallowing and some skin-crawling stapling action, as well as a bloke getting his kit off which is never a bad thing. The ladies hosting the evening, Salome Sin and Whiskey Raven were thoroughly entertaining and talented burlesque performers. Whiskey Raven’s whip went down a treat, and Salome Sin’s sense of fun made for a quirky as well as sexy performance. With rock and metal tunes from the fantastic Nyte Heet DJs between acts and to top off the night, Raven Sin proved to be a very promising newcomer for rock club goers.

Pretty cool I think!! 🙂 here’s some pics from the night….

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