Rock Bottom

Me, Whiskey Raven and Cerise La Fleur are performing at Rock Bottom on Halloween!! In case you don’t know Rock Bottom is Manchester’s biggest Rock night since Rock World shut! The venue is massive and they have amazing plans for a MASSIVE Halloween party!! So glad we are doing it!! It’s on Friday 29th Oct, I’m sure I’ll post LOADS more info about it before the day….

I’m gonna do my zombie nurse routine of cause as it’s so fitting for halloween! Also I’m doing my school girl routine but I’m gonna adjust it for Halloween, I’m gonna be a zombie school girl and make my outfit a bit more ‘Halloween’ for example I just found thease AMAZING pasties on ebay that I’m gonna have to get, Made by Dolly De Lash.

Also my sleeve is coming along, got more work done last week, got my spider web coloured in and a bow at the top and a little cross, letter, swalow, hearts that say ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ and stars all in between the bigger tats….

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