I’m pretty tired today, went for a curry at Akbars last night which is the best curry house in Manchester. Best ever curry! Had lot’s of drinks and ended up in The Sailsbury untill 1am, woke up with a hangover today.

On the way home last night me and my sis walked passed Selfrages and they had massive Disney Villans on the window, we were very impressed. It was of cause shut as it must have been 2ish … We had a look in on the way to the studio today though and it’s cause mac have DISNEY VILLAN make-up! How amazing is that?!! (pic below) Kate got a lip gloss which has Cruella DeVille and dalmashions on it!! Its amazing, it’s a really nice reddy pink colour that looks a bit sparkley.. They have a whole range of it in, I think it’s totaly cool!

Oh and I decided that I’m gonna put some midnight blue in my hair, next week I think. I kinda want a change but I’m growing my hair and I like my fringe so I am gonna just put some colour in it. Maybe just my fringe… I have had black hair with a little fringe for ages now and although I like it lot’s of Burlesque dancers have this Betty Page look, and it is a good look, I just wanna look a bit different, I REALLY wanna look just like the blue haired girl in the middle of this Mark Ryden painting (below…) She’s my style icon, it’s called Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers. I love Mark Ryden’s work, he’s my fave artist. Β 

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