Whiskey’s B day and other reasons I don’t like Monday!!

So it was Whiskeys birthday night out on Sat night, we had people over to the flat drank a 1000 Mojitos then went to Satins Hollow.. As you can imagine we were all really drunk and it’s all a bit of a blur!! Haha, It was a pretty good night though…

So I like to lie in bed for most of the day when I’m hungover, especially after a big b day night, I then like to watch TV and eat pizza…. Not this Sunday I had to get up and be a ‘sexy’ score girl for The Rainy City Roller Girls  Roller Derby game. I managed to look quite glam considering the hangover and get the met to Bury where they play all there games… It was really good to see all the girls, bit overwhelming really as I miss them a lot as I haven’t been playing due to having a lot on with Burlesque… Also no one wants a stripper that’s covered in bruises! Was fun being the score girl and my good friend Janie Loxx was the other score girl and she had also been out with me the night before so we were on the same wave length… haha… The game was really good, Dollface (my sis) played well as did Feral and Mama off the Winning team and Missy played well as ever off the other team, as did Elle and it was her first game!! the score was 91-80 to my sisters team, pretty close. We went to the after party for 1 but me and Janie were so tired and berly able to speek by then, I had also forgot to eat and was starving….

Went home to resume the normal hangover rituals of pizza and DVD in bed, except some fucking loser in my building was having a karoki party. On a fucking sunday night! It sounded like a dogey club had sprang up outside our window, we could here people singing Ricky Martin and  that stupid walking 6000 miles song (or whatever it is)  like word for word! We couldn’t even complain as we couldn’t tell what flat it was coming from in the halls the noise was coming through the window, if we knew who it was I would have killed them… Grrrrrr!! Whiskey had to be up at 6am poor thing 😦

So feeling a bit broken after the crazy weekend!!!! Haha,

They have an event now on facebook for the Halloween night I’m performing at, here’s the link…


Here are some pics of the Rainy City Roller Girls game, for more info on them go to http://www.rcrg.co.uk

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