Because 2 Nuns are better than one….

So as I’m such a on the ball professional type (haha) I am already working on my acts for January Raven Sin. Which is gonna be on the 22nd of January by the way. I’m gonna finally sort everything for my ‘Whiskey in the jar’ act, the Metallica version. I thought of this act a while ago now but the costume is like at least £200 😦 I’m hoping I can get it all for Jan, well I have to really… In the act I’m a Southern Belle who goes for a pic nic but gets bored and drinks J.D then strips and dances with a parasol, quite classic for me, well apart from the J.D bit.. I did see a bottle of whiskey in Aldi called ‘Southern Belle’ but I wanna use J.D as I LOVE it, guess it depends on how much money I have in Jan… Haha. I’m also gonna do a double act with my good mate Janie Loxx! She was the maid (girl who gets the dancers clothes and sorts out all props) at the first RS and will be again at Nov RS. She’s also being our zombie maid on Halloween at our show at Rock Bottom. In Jan she is gonna go for it and actually do Burlesque at RS!! We are gonna do a Nun double act to ‘Sister Sara’ by Alice Cooper. It’s gonna be cool, I think I’ll try make the Nun outfits out of PVC, it will be Janie’s first show so it will be very exciting.. She will also be doing a Burlesque on her own. We haven’t started work on it yet so not sure how it’s gonna go yet 😉 I’m thinking holy water, giant Rosary beads and such… Will see.

I’m staying in this weekend.. Just watching films and having old friends over for food. So wholesome… But it’s the Bizarre Ball next week so I’m very excited about that, or I will be when I have made my PVC sailor girl outfit, which will be no problem I’m sure… :-/

Here are some pics of the lovely Janie Loxx!!! and one of me and Janie at Raven Sin…

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