Weekend of no alcohol…. weekend with plenty of cake…

This weekend I stayed in! I have ate a lot of cake as 2 different mates brought me cake this week, I like my friends. I have also drank a lot of mint tea, and today I made Sunday dinner for Whiskey and Feral -my friend from roller Derby. I’m so wholesome 🙂

I’m really looking forward to starting Call Girl’s new collection this week. we often get nice comments off customers but this week we got a really extra nice one of a lady who was very happy with her dresses, this is what she said…

Call Girl Clothing – where have you been all my life?!  It is such a refreshing change to find a website with gorgeous unusual designs especially in sizes for a curvier girl.  I am absolutely delighted with the items I ordered and they are even better than I was expecting.  Most importantly the fabric, finish and fit is brilliant.   Such a difference from the usual poor quality, ill fitting, conventional clothes you find on the high street with hanging threads and dodgy buttons.  I am sure I will be ordering regularly from you!   Many thanks, Amy : )

Pretty cool I thought! So this comment made me feel even more confident in my design/dressmaking skills and I am now more than ready to get going on the PVC collection this week, especially after my weekend off partying!  Oh and obviously Kate, my sister is due credit too as we work together.

The new PVC collection is def gonna include Sailor Girl items as the nautical look is ever popular. I think I’m also gonna do some zombie/spooky theme stuff, just cause I’m obsessed with that kinda stuff… I really wanna make a green zombie skirt that has cute 50’s ruffles on the back and a massive fucked up zombie eye ball on the front. I think the contrast in between the cute/retro look and the PVC/zombie embroidery would work extremity well. Although I’m gonna start with a Sailor Girl outfit as I’m gonna make a sample for me then wear it at the Bizarre ball on Friday…

Right gonna go watch Superbad…

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