Ball and baking…

So it was the Bizarre ball on Friday, I’m still feeling rough. I had a bit of a bad day before the ball, sewing went wrong, checked bank and all my money had gone on bank charges, the shower at my flat was broke and I had to have a cold shower… I decide to get 2 bottles of very cheep wine from Aldi to drink as I had no money, bad idea, felt like I was gonna die yesterday! The ball was a bit hit and miss too, the music was a bit random, it was just like being at the ritz but everyone was dressed mental!! I also thought there would be more Burlesque, I didn’t really like the band I saw, wern’t very heavy.. But to be honest I was mostly chatting to people and smoking outside as I was drunk! I had a good night though, was with good mates!! Think the whole of alt Manchester was there.

Today I have mostly been cleaning the flat (people came round before and after the ball) and I baked flapjacks, really felt like baking for some reason, always have a desire to be wholesome after a mental night out.

Here are some pics of me, Kate and Cat before the ball and the flapjacks I made…













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