I have a dog!!!!!

Today was the best day of my life! I got a 10 week old Chihuahua, he’s a boy and he’s called Axl.  He’s so cute and below are a load of pics of him! He’s living at my Dads right now as me and my Dad got him between us, he can’t go outside or come stay at my place till he’s had all his injections so won’t be for a few weeks 😦 but in the mean time I can see him at my Dads so it’s fine.

Also I have a very good weekend at the Tattoo exop… was a long drive though took 7 hours each way! Think I may have slightly caught a cold from sleeping in a caravan but it was worth it…. Drank on the Friday and was hungover all Saturday but managed to start feeling human again towards the evening and the show went well.. apart from I got bubbles in my eye and couldn’t see for the last bit of the act! -ha, was doing the school girl one which involves throwing bubbles and confetti and rubbing porn on myself!!!.. Had the best lashes ever, they totally go with the Japanese school girl look! I had to take them off after the act as I had nearly blinded myself with bubbles and when I went out of backstage lots of people were like, where are your lashes, you looked good before! -ha!

Had a very early night last night and just chilling in the flat again tonight cause I need to be OK for this weeks show. I’m doing  Burlesque (of cause) at spoken word and band night at Islington mill- here’s the facebook event- http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=159699074064001&ref=ts

So here are a few pics from the tattoo expo (check out the one with the porn from my act, the organisers of the event put it all up in their caravan!)  and a load of my dog 😀













































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