Islington mill show..

I left my laptop at my studio on Thursday so that’s the reason for the lack of blogs…

I did a show at Islington mill on Friday night at a night called Paradox. It was really fun to do a show somewhere really different with all sorts of people and stuff going on. There were poets, bands, my best friend Kamila Rymajdo (she’s a writer) did a reading and there was Burlesque of cause. I enjoyed doing my first act (school Girl) more than my second as the music fucked up slightly in the 2nd act, the levels were all off which put me off if I’m honest. I still did the whole act of cause but my heart wasn’t totally in it… However for my 1st act I was totally in the zone and think I did it better then ever! 🙂 Kamila even said I did it better than the last time she had seen it, which was the the 1st time I had done the act so guess I just know it better now. Obviously an act is gonna get better the more you do it as the better you know it the more creative you can be on stage as you don’t have to concentrate as much or worry about taking the wrong thing off at the wrong time!!

Haven’t got a show till 14th Dec now so got a few weeks off (well I still do Call Girl Clothing but no shows!) Think I’m gonna be developing my Gun’s N’ Roses act ‘Salome and the Fall’ Which is about Eve bringing sin in to the world, it’s all HER fault you know 😉 For this act I wanna get some fans, it’s not gonna be a typical fan dance they would only be part of the act but I def want some. Might try and make some. I’m also gonna try get my ‘Southern belle Salome’ act sorted, for this I’m a Southern Belle and it’s to Metallica…

Here are some burlesque pics of me doing my zombie act which my friend Adam took and edited.











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