Work, work, work……

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I have been working everyday on the new PVC collection and so have not done anything else. It’s getting shot on Saturday so I’m really looking forward to that… The photo shoots are the fun bit, especially  as my good friends Whiskey Raven and Peggy Soo are modeling for me 🙂 We are going on a night out after which I CAN”T WAIT for!!! We are going  Nyte Heet, My friends Jim and Danny put Nyte Heet on, it’s at Reto bar and it’s a classic rock/hair metal night… It’s an ace night you should check it out if you’re in Manchester this Sat! I’m also trying to get Jim to dress up as Santa so let’s hope he does! It is a Christmas special I’m not just being really odd!! Ha!!!

Here’s the facebook link for the night!/event.php?eid=131976480193738

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