Off with her head!!!!

So things were a little hectic last week as I had a cold and with the changing over of Call Girl I had a lot on… But I’m feeling better now and can settle in to my new routine working solo at home…

I did go climbing at the weekend but the teacher was a bit rubbish so it wasn’t very good 😦 My mate complained so we may get another free lesson with someone else… I also went to Manchester art gallery which was fun and in the evening I went to Dough in the northern quarter. They have a new menu which was pertty good, I had a meetball pizza, it was really nice. Then went for a drink at Hard Rock but was home by 10.30 as I’m trying to be good in January! -Also I had just paid lot’s of bills so did not really have the money to go out. Nice chilled weekend though…

So for my next collection for Call Girl I’m gonna stick with PVC as I really wanna get in to more fetish/clubwear.. I’m gonna design a Alice in Wonderland themed collection all in PVC. I’m gonna go all out and hopefully create some amazing pieces. I’m very excited about how cool the shoot will be for this collection, will def do it on location with lot’s of props in the woods!! 🙂

So I’m rereading the book, the copy I have is actually an arty copy. It’s the original story by Lewis Carroll but all the illustrations are by Camille Rose Garcia. I also bought a jigsaw card with Alice and the Mad Hatter on from Manchester art gallery which I put on my wall.

Here are all my inspiration photos- including my book, jigsaw, Disney, Gwen Stefani and random images off google.



















































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