My new site…

So I just purchased my very own new site! it totally is not built yet but it will be the new home of my zine and alt girls!!

I have wanted to do my own alt girl mag for a while now but recently decided I’m gonna do it online as there is way more chance to reach more people! I also think a lot of the alt girl sites/mags around  don’t even have real alt girls, or what I would consider alt. Not in the U.K anyway. The U.S seams to get this right so I thought I would try to show real British alt girls. I wanna use the best alt girls on really creative shoots, no plane Janes topless on a black sofa with a few emo stars will be on my site!! HA! The site will also contain all my recent interviews with bands/Burlesque stars/porn stars that I have been doing over the last month or two.

So now I just have to figure out how to bulid a site!! Hahahaha :-/

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