I’m currently reading a erotic book called ‘Little Birds’ by Anais Nin. It’s a collection of short stories, I thought I would post this section from the story ‘A Model’ cause I love it… The girl is an artists life model speaking to other life models at a party…

‘I don’t know what other girls feel about posing in the nude,’ She said, ‘I love it. Ever since I was a little girl I liked taking off my clothes. I liked to see how other people looked at me. I used to take my clothes off at parties, as soon as people were a little drunk. I liked showing my body. Now I can’t wait to take them off. I enjoy being looked at. It gives me pleasure. I get shivers of pleasure right down my back when men look at me. And when I pose nude for a whole class of artists at the school, when I see all those eyes on my body, I get so much pleasure, it is- well, it is like being made love to. I feel beautiful, I feel as a woman must feel sometimes when un-dressed for a lover. I enjoy my own body. I like to pose holding my breasts in my hand. Sometimes I caress them. I was once in a Burlesque. I loved it. I enjoyed doing that as much as the men enjoyed seeing it. The satin of the dress used to give me shivers -taking my breasts out exposing myself. That excited me. When men touched me I did not get as much excitement… It was always a disappointment. But I know other girls don’t feel that way.’

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