So Rob Zombie was like the best gig I have ever ever been too!!! It was so so good, I was way over excited, went for zombie cocktails first then to the gig, didn’t watch the support.. Every song was amazing but I really enjoyed Pussy Liquor and Never gonna stop the most! But it was all good!!! He’s so hot as well and the way he dances is really cool, it was such a good gig… Went to RockBox after but to be honest it’s a blur as I was really drunk, must have been so drunk cause we went back to my sisters and don’t remember that! And I normally remember every bit of a night out.. I blame the zombie cocktails and hip flask of JD I had a the gig! HA! Didn’t really take any photos either witch is a little out of charter but sometimes I can’t be bothered.. Hung at my sisters all day Fri and watched House of 1000 corpses to continue the theme then ate beef burgers with habanero sauce and blue cheese which was FIT!!! YUM.

So I’ve had to postpone my shoot tomorrow 😦 but will still be doing it very soon…Can’t wait. Going for a goth look with ribbon now, black, red and white, really can’t wait to shoot!!!!

Off to watch some Burlesque later at Carnival Devine so I’m looking forward to that. Should be good, will report back with review!

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