My interview with Mister Joe Black!!!

Here is my very funny interview with Joe Black, well he’s funny not me but ya know what I mean! I did the interview at the end of 2010. Joe is very well known in the Burlesque/cabret world, He’s in the USA at the momenet and you can find out all about him and buy his new album ‘Sex, drugs and Vaudeville at He’s a real life full time Disney Villain!! If you get a chance to go to a night he’s performing at be sure to go!!!

Salome Sin- How did you get in to singing and performing on stage?

Joe Black- natural progression…

i dropped out of education to be a street performer, playing accordion and doing living statue on the streets… out of… well, i don’t know really! i worked the streets. like a hooker… but in a less slutty outfit.

i then decided i wanted to move it in doors, and played a couple of charity art nights… then moved into other sorts of venues!

smutty ones.

Salome Sin- What instruments do you play?

Joe Black- Piano, accordion and ukelele.

Salome Sin- What sideshow tricks do you do?

Joe Black- cigar stubbed on tounge, blockhead, bed of nails, body burning, flame transfer, fire eating.

Salome Sin- What inspires your image?

Joe Black- The misery of the world…. ha!

no. 1920′s Berlin… with a cartoon villain twist. disney… for the estranged.

Salome Sin- What were you like as a child?

Joe Black- unnerving. like carrie in the film fire starter.

Salome Sin- What is your favourite time of year and why?

Joe Black- Winter! i can wear lots of layers, fur and gloves.

not layers of gloves though. then i’d look like i have fat hands…

i’m hand conscious don’tcha know?

Salome Sin- Do you believe in God?

Joe Black- If there was a god, i’d get laid more often. and i’d stop having to pay for it. really depletes the bank account… i’d much rather spend my money on cocaine and jelly beans.

Salome Sin- What inspires your song writing?

Joe Black- Experiences. Theres always an experience or story behind a song I write. Good.. bad… or ugly. Usually bad.

Salome Sin- Tell me about your new album?

its called ‘Sex, Drugs and Vaudeville’ – its a mix of the funny, heartbreaking and downright ridiculous that make performing in the variety circuit so worth it.

Salome Sin- What is your favourite tipple?

Gin. I’m a middle aged depressed divorcee

Salome Sin- What do you think of the U.K Burlesque scene at the moment?

A lot of shit. but a lot of good too….

The shit makes you appreciate the great stuff all that much more. a sigh of relief almost?

but its great as a whole, a real nice community spirit going on.

Salome Sin- What’s the most exciting thing happening on the scene at the moment?

The resurgence of cabaret and comedy acts. hopefully outweighing striptease if it carries on the way it is!

Which can only be a good thing.

nout wrong with striptease, i just think two hours of strippers is a bit much….

i’d much rather see someone pull a phone out of a mans chest (barry and stuart), talk to a monkey puppet (nina conti) or sing sinatra songs dressed as hitler… (frank sanazi!)

Salome Sin- What are your plans for next year?

gin swillin’ and fucking mainly.

but no… seriously. just trying to get this up another level. trying to filter out the crap from the good

and just really giving it 110% on the PR front!

maybe a publicity stunt?

i could eat a mans hand, or something.

Salome Sin- If you were an animal what would you be?

A cat. i sleep and look unimpressed most of the time anyway.

Salome Sin- What music do you listen too?

I always find it hard to describe.. currently i’m really into this sort of death country music thing..

its country music. but really filthy…

the peculiar pretzelmen… great example!

Salome Sin- What would be your last meal if you were on death row? –not that I’m suggesting you ever would be on death row!

i would be on death row. for sex offence charges most likely.

and… a curry. i do like a good curry!

or… a wetherspoons chips and burger. with lots of heinz mayo. yum… heart attack on a plate ;)

Salome Sin- Tell me what a typical day in your life is like?

i wake up around the afternoon. potter around. make a pot of tea, answer emails. make more tea. shout at passing traffic for a little bit. maybe touch myself a little…. then i practice for a little while. maybe do some writing. more emails. more tea. more touching…

this goes on and on… till about 3 in the morning when i finally decide “lets stop this tomfoolery.” and go lay in my cupboard.

Salome Sin- Finally anything you would like to add?

i was peed on by a cat once.

and i don’t like it when people don’t warn me that they’re going to ejaculate into my mouth. disrespectful!

In all the photos Joe is modelling for Pearls and Swine- photos by Second floor studio .


Check out Pearls and Swine @ They have lot’s of amazing stuff.

Be sure to check at Joe’s site to @

Salome xx

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