I’ve had a cold :-(

So I’ve had a cold all week, it’s been shit and very boring! Couldn’t even work or anything. Just been drinking lemsip, lucozade and watching T.V and DVDs and doing bit’s of stuff online. I’m feeling a bit better now than I was though which is good as I’m shooting tomorrow for Kiku, which is a boutique in Manchester which sells corsets and such, check it out http://www.kikuboutique.co.uk/ It’s an alt wedding shoot for Alt Fashion magazine, I’m being a Gothic bride with a top hat which is cool 🙂 Guess that’s the kinda look I would actually go for if I ever do get married.. If I do get married it would have to be on Halloween at dusk. Haha.

So I’ve been designing a bit while I’ve been ill, mostly what I’m gonna make for Bella vendetta and Misti Dawn. I’ve also been thinking a lot about my latex stuff, I had an hour of feeling OK the other day so I cut out a high wasted latex skirt.. I started having lot’s of cool random ideas for stuff I wanna make while I’ve been ill so maybe it was kinda good haha. I also have a really bad craving to play video games, like mario this week, wish I had my old DS! Sold it on ebay in a poor time years ago… haha. Think I’m still ill…not sure if this is making sense so I’ll just shut up…

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