So I’m working today catching up on stuff after having my cold… Still don’t feel 100%. Got an eye test in a bit and have to go out for a bit later, I’ve been in my flat for a week strait! Need to see other people!!  Think I’m gonna check out Redeemer @ the zoo as it’s cheep and not been yet… http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=202444019766894

Gonna try be sensible though as got work to do tomorrow! hehe

Oh and yesterday’s shoot was a little hard as I still felt really ill, 😦 will have to just see what the pics are like when I get them… Not sure I was channelling being a Bride well which is hard surprising! haha

Got a shoot on Thursday next week and got lot’s of time so gonna do my goth tied in ribbon look and a cute bubble/lolly look! I really can’t wait!! Super excited as the whole concept is mine and the shoot is for me for bellavendetta.com! Hopefully Bella will like the pics and they can go on BellaVendetta.com! YAY!

Oh and I need more people to follow me on twitter! So follow me @thesalomesin


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