Lack of blog love

So I haven’t up dated in like a week 😦 Had a busy week and wasn’t helped by my internet going down at my flat for like 3 days. Grrrr! Anyway I’ve been up to all sorts really, seeing family, going to shit nightclubs and more modelling with less clothes! Haha. Had to get my dog Axl neutered too. Bless him, but he kept humping my friends 😦 was so annoying so he’s been done. Now he has a cone on his head it’s pretty funny. Apart from that he’s fine, running around as normal.

I’m off to London tomorrow for a shoot so I’m really excited about that 🙂 My train back isn’t till 9ish so gonna go to Camden for a bit after my shoot hopefully! I love Camden! Should be a good day…

Here are some pics of Axl in his cone, bless!

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