……I’m dead busy this week, I have dresses to make for customers, stuff to make for Misti Dawn, I gotta see my Dad, eat curry, watch horror films, flyer for my clubnight, prep for a shoot in London, go to said shoot!

Me, Janie Loxx and Whiskey will be out flyering around town on Friday night, there is a Jillys reunion on at the Ritz so I’m sure it will involve ending up there! If your not from Manchester Jillys was Manchester’s biggest and longest running rock club, it shut down a year ago and I actually cried, well nealy! Now it’s a tesco! :-S But I don’t miss Jillys as much as I would have thought, the DJ’s from Jillys play at venues around town nealy every Friday and Sat so theres only the buliding to miss really… I do miss haveing 3 rooms to wander round though.. It was a good venue, I’m never gonna go in the Tesco! I do miss it actually 😦 writing this is bringing it all back! Haha.

Here’s the link to the reunion partyΒ

Jillys then and now-











It’s still got the same stairs and everything 😦

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