So me and Whiskey Raven keep a book of stupid/funny things we say, we think it’s very funny, not sure anyone else will but thought I would put some in my blog anyway! HA! Janie Loxx is a big  contributor to the book also. Here are a few that aren’t to offensive….

Janie Loxx- On The Lion King-

‘It’s really sad when his Dad dies, especially cause he’s so hot.’


Salome Sin- On the film Bad Boys-

‘What’s it about? Bad boys?’


Whiskey Raven and Salome Sin- On Whiskey’s Voodoo Burlesque act costume-

Whiskey-‘Well I don’t think a witch doctor would exactly wear shoes would they?’

Salome-‘Well they wouldn’t exactly where seamed stockings would they?’


Salome Sin- On potatoes-

‘I think potatoes make you tired don’t they’

Salome Sin- On the kettle-

‘It’s quite dangerous’

Salome Sin to Whiskey Raven-

‘You would have never made it as a nun anyway’

Whiskey Raven- On her body-

‘My feet are like my fingers, sometimes there big and sometimes there small.’

Whiskey Raven- While watching  Braveheart-

‘That old man’s quite fit, I’d like him to slap me around a bit.’

‘Kilt up, cock out, this is how we roll.’

Whiskey Raven and Salome Sin- On Kill Bill-

Whiskey- ‘Why haven’t we got the 3rd one?’

Salome-‘Cause there isn’t one.’

Salome Sin- on herself and Whiskey-

‘We are such people, people.’

Whiskey Raven- On a hangover-

‘In hindsight maybe we shouldn’t have drank 3 litres of wine.’

Salome Sin- pot, kettle, black-

‘I hate people who laugh at there own jokes’

Kate Lever (Salome’s sister)-On beer prices at Retro bar-

‘It was 2 1.50.’

Some dick on come dine with me- On ruling the world-

‘If I ruled the world I would make everyone blind.’

Whiskey and Salome on Tig from Son’s of Anarchy.-

Whiskey-‘Yeah Tig put your gun down your pants.’

Salome-‘You can put me down your pants Tig’

Whiskey-On Kill Bill-

‘I remember the 3rd one being quite good.’

Salome Sin-on pizza-

‘Sometimes I like cold pizza and sometimes I don’t’

Can’t publish the rest really… HA! So you may not think any of that was funny but I do. A lot. 🙂








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