13 facts about me!

13 random facts about me!

1, I love zombies.

2, I’m obsessed with lip balm.

4, My fave porn site is Burning Angel.

5, My drink of choice is J.D and diet coke.

6, I like to shower twice a day.

7, I don’t watch much T.V but do watch Corrie and Emmerdale.

8, My fave band is Gun’s N’ Roses.

9, I plan to end up covered in tattoos and living by the beach.

10, My eyes turn lime green when I cry.

11, I’m a total romantic day dreamer.  I believe in life after death and am very spiritual, I like to ponder about the universe a lot.

12, I have Dyslexia but didn’t know growing up so I failed all my exams at school! I am still really bad at spelling but it doesn’t bother me to much as being dyslexic makes you more creative so I may be a boring normal person if | wasn’t.

13, I was born on Friday 13th.

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