Salome news


So I’m off to Barcelona a week on Monday and I really can’t wait! I think I’m gonna dye my hair red for the occasion! And also because I’m like mega board of my black hair, was thinking going blonde, which is actually my natural colour but it’s to hard to go from black to blonde, would have to go brown for a bit and I’m not in to that so red it is! Bright red. I’ve had red hair before but not for years so I’m quite excited! Might mix some dye to create a unique red as not sure which red to go for yet. But then when I do it I can get red extensions and look like Ariel haha.
Yeah so I’ll look all summery on Holiday and a change is good. I’m not sure what i’m gonna do in Barcelona yet but according to metal travel guide there is 30 rock bars there!! Check it out- So beach by day and hopefully some of those bars at night! My mate I’m going with isn’t really into rock though so might not be able to hit them every night haha. So yeah i may do my hair tomorrow or in the week maybe and I’ll post pics when I’ve done it.

Salome xx

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