So I’m not drinking right now for many reasons, mainly health, money, sanity and so on… I won’t go in to all my reasons, but I haven’t drank for 3 weeks now.  I feel much better and heather, also more on the ball so not drinking definitely agrees with me. I went to NYTE HEET classic rock and hair metal night on Saturday which was fun and I didn’t drink, it didn’t bother me. Then on Sunday I went for Sunday lunch with some friends, was really good to not feel hungover and be able to do stuff on a Sunday, as obviously at NYTE HEET I normally get very drunk! Haha, hence the quitting. Also had my hair cut, just 2 inches off the bottom and been going gym a lot.  New healthy Salome! I’m looking forward to getting tattooed next month, getting my chest done and knuckles! Chest on the 18th and knuckles on the 19th, I’ve wanted both for years so I’m VERY, VERY, VERY excited!!


Here is a photo I took of myslef on my iphone this weekend- Hello Kitty bling!!

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