So you get some pretty mad emails in this industry but this one is the oddest I’ve ever got! I cried laughing when I got it! Me big porn star, must talk dirty talks all the time! HAHAHA!!!! Have a read-

Hi Dear,

we are huge company in real asian porn industry.
at present we are having 63 females and 56 males working with us…
presently we are going to make two biggest porn movie and for that we are searching for new talent…

we have 3 studios and 1 theater… we do not do internet business… we work for real…

Below is my offer :

What serives you have to perform :

oral sex without condom
vaginal sex without condom
cum in vagina
swallow cum
golden showers
sex in all positions
deep tounge kissing for long time
dirty talks all the time
minimum 6 times sex in every 12 hours…

How many will it take for shooting :
3 Days

How many days you have to be with us :
3 days only

What is shooting locations :

What salary will you get :

21000 dollars + 30% bonus
Note : Bonus will be given only if you perform more than our expectations…

Were you will be staying :
you will given 5 star hotel to stay.

When will shooting start :
After around 6 days…

How will whole scene go on :

As soon as you arrive at airport , male model itself will come to pick u up, then he will take you to hotel. after getting in room your role starts…
Shootign will be done comletly by hidden camera to preserve original emotions of male and female whle performing whole shoot… you shoot will start from day u entered into room… you will noticed everywere… this would be best natural porn movie shooted ever in the world… after completing shooting of whole 3 days, we will edit and make it short movie and this would be awarded as best porn movie of decade, its my ambitions….

Rest i will tell everything in detail after you agree to perform for me…
if you have any questions feel free to ask…

Payment conditions :

we do not give any advances, so better dont except that …
for your security as you are willing to work with us , i can arrange cheque for you of 100% payment on your arrival…
on 3rd day of your stay we will give you 100% by cash and we will take back our cheque which we gave you for security…


y we give cheque ? we give cheque of 100% payment for your security so that if we fail to pay you bank will pay you…
y we give cash on 3rd day ? bcoz we need to check are able to keep me happy on bed as we pay more than anyone else pay… its for my security…

Hope to hear from you soonest…
Treat this as urgent if you wish to make ur life sucessful in porn industry…

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