Not much going down…

All I have been doing is sorting shoots and answering emails and reading about BDSM. This is my life. Guess that’s a good job as it is what I do. So I will have professional photos of my new tattoos real soon 🙂 I also get out in the evenings to visit friends, having tea made for me 4 nights this week, a girl can’t complain. Played Mario Kart at my mates last night, I love Mario Kart. I want a 3D DS, so I can play Mario Kart on that, they have it in a really cool blue shade, I had a go in a shop it was ace! I need to get one ASAP!! It would make me happy haha.

My knuckle tattoos are heeling like a bitch, not nice when you catch them at all, no. My chest is doing better tho!  I got a winter coat which is good as it’s now FREEZING. So I feel all wintery in that with my boots. Not likeing the dark mornings tho, they make me wanna stay in bed, have started having a coffee in the morning again this week. I’ve been managing not to smoke for the last few days, I keep stopping and starting tho, it’s kinda annoying. I’m having those minty sweets with nicotine instead, kinda works. HAHA!


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