Been working…

I had a busy week last week and weekend, been doing lot’s of shoots for others and filming for my new fetish/alt porn site 🙂 So been very busy but doing very fun things. tried some breast bondage on one shoot was interesting! Had a very fun day filming and playing at the dungeon on Saturday, I work there every Saturday, I have been up dating and filling in my blog over at my Mistress site if you would like to look…

I don’t have any sample pics from the filming yet! It will be mostly kept top secret tho until my site is launched, apart from little tasters posted here…

So not been doing much as been working everyday but chilled out and watched some films last night 😀 Watched From Dusk till Dawn 3 which was good. It had the guy who plays Bill’s farther figure in Kill Bill and the woman who plays Samantha’s girlfriend in Sex in the City in it I noticed… haha Made me wanna watch Kill Bill but I didn’t I watched Chocolate on film 4 with was OK, not great. Johnny Depp is hot tho!  Can’t wait to watch The Rum Diary, read the book and if his last take on Hunter.S (Fear and loathing in Las Vegas) is anything to go by it’s gonna be good.

Think I will have my lunch now (egg and bacon butty, non fat bacon!) and then head to my art studio for a few hours.. SSx

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