So I wasn’t feeling well last week so nothing exciting happened. I also had a quiet weekend as kinda overspent last month so just worked Sat and hung out with Axl (my dog I share with my Dad) and my room-mate all weekend. We watched all of Sons of Anarchy season 3 😀 it was amazing!! Watched it for 5 hours strait yesterday didn’t even notice the time! haha. Now we need season 4!!

I have a cat fight/female wrestling shoot this week, it’s a video shoot, on Sun. I haven’t done anything like this before so should be fun!! It’s for this site-  http://www.topcatzfighting.com/ Best make sure I hit the gym this week, didn’t go much last week as felt crappy. Think I went once or twice? Can’t even remember haha, try go 4 times on a good week. Not sure how good at wrestling I am? haha, guess I’ll find out, will let ya know!

Here are some pics of Axl, awwww-

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