Glasses set!

I haven’t bloged for a few days, oops! Been busy shooting and other stuff, the wrestling shoot was loads of fun! Got beat twice and won once! It was pretty tiring haha don’t have any photos I’m afraid but I’ll post the link when the vidz are up.

I did a shoot in my glasses on Tue for my new site cause I LOVE my glasses I think they look cool and I only need them for useing the laptop and sewing or reading.. working I guess so no one sees them 😦 so I wanted to show them off!  It was shot in my friend Dan’s comic book style bedroom (as it’s so cool) and he took the photos, the set has over 50 photos but I’m only gonna post 4 sample shots here now as the set is for my new site which will be launched in spring. I also did some girl/girl shots with Kandi Spitfire but I am gonna make you wait for the sample pics of them!… Well till tomorrow 😉

Full set available when my site is launched in spring 2012 xx

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