Cough cough

I’ve had a cold all week kinda sucks, I have the immune system of a 3 month old baby I think! I eat pretty healthy most of the time and haven’t drank for 3 months now! I also go to the gym like 3/4 times a week so you think I would be in exclent health but apparently not… I guess it is that time of year tho when everyone gets a cold! At least it isn’t man flu!

So not done anything to exciting this week but I did just get a new post reviewing hardcore fetish porn for new site I will be reviewing a lot of work made by (in my opinion) the best fetish porn site on the web, the amazing and wonderful Kink cover most  fetishes on there various sites and have 2 amazing fem dom + male sub sites, Divine Bitches and Men in Pain.  I also love WhipedAss which is fem dom + fem sub site. So now I will get paid to review watch and review Kink videos :-) What a excellent little hobby/way to make some extra cash.

Here are some photos from Men In Pain-

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