i got wordpress for blackberry

Sorry for the lack of blogs! Been so busy. Was just thinking I wouldn’t have time to do my blog today but then downloaded the wordpress for blackberry app and now I can blog whereever I am! Yay! So I’m writing this on a bus on the way back from my mates party at a Thai karaoke place. Yep! Was fun, bit mental.

So a lots been going on, our real radio xs party burlesque performance got cancelled cause real radio are cocks! At the last min they said we had to arrive earlier, I was at work in the day so this was a bit of a problem.. But worse than that they said we couldn’t perform on the stage any more! And the whole attitude was like burlesque doesn’t really matter and they weren’t to bothered weather we came or not it seamed! Why book burlesque then? So we said fuck you real radio suck my dick and didn’t do it. Was disappointed in the whole thing but to be honest what do I expect from a sexist, piece of shit radio station who just wanna suck the foo fighters dick all day long? (And I fucking hate the foo fighters) its gone proper shit since it turned in to real xs. I know I said I listened a lot in the previous blog and guess I did but the djs always did wind me up and I find the music way to soft these days. So to sum up I no longer listen to that station. Haha!

In other news I had my hair all cut off! It was fucked from all the bleach so had all the dead troll hair cut off, Its all short with a shaved bit on the left side, rekindled my punk look! I also had an ace Christmas party at my house, made the best terrys Chocolate orange cheese cake. I did a horror Christmas shoot for my new site last night and have a few other shoots this week. Also increased my regular days at the dungeon to fri and sat so will be there this week even on christmas eve! Here are some pics I took on my phone of me before my christmas shoot last night in my sexy grey fleese and some I took tonight to show you my new hair cut.



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