So Christmas is over for another year! I had a good time, I made stuffed chicken and bacon for Christmas dinner for my family as think turkey is a bit boring. It was nice! Got lost of cool presents and ate LOADS! Here are some pics of what I got and some of me I just took to show you my new hair with extensions half long half short I love it 😀  Should have got the undercut sooner don’t know why I didn’t, took a pic to show you the back too. The presents are a chain ring, the guitar charm on the bracket (which is fitting as I’m about to attempt to learn again), Sugar skull box, Meat Loaf wall print,  3DS with Mario Kart :-), Lips purse with skull lip gloss key ring, Skull candle holder, metal Hello Kitty and personalised ‘Good Girl’ gloves like my knuckle tattoos!!! Pretty good stuff eh?! Oh and my sister booked me a Steel Panther ticket for there London show in March as an extra present on Christmas morning as I made us open the presents at like 10 past 12 Christmas morning! Can’t wait weekend away in London to see Steel Panther will be cool, Manchester was sold out but this way we can go to Camden to so all good.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!! Guess the Holidays aren’t over yet, I’m about to go meet some friends and go for some food and drinks (non alcoholic for me) -I didn’t drink at all over Christmas 🙂 I’m doing really well been 4 months since I quit now, I really am a good girl hahaha 😉 Oh and I’m listening to The Sign of the Southern cross while I write this, they are cool 🙂 SSx


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  1. Neilo says:

    Now that is a rockin hairstyle. Luv it fi real x

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